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From Puppy Basics through Advanced Obedience, Wag ‘n Woofs provides positive reinforcement training for you and your furry family member! Please call 952-224-4491 or email info@wagnwoofs.com to register for a class.



Is your dog too distracted in a group setting? Do you only see certain behaviors when your dog is at home? Do you need training more personalized to your dog’s needs? A private lesson is the perfect choice! Lessons are scheduled at your convenience in the location of your choice, and can cover any behaviors you’d like to work on including:

  • Basic obedience
  • Crate and potty training
  • Leash manners
  • Behavior evaluations
  • Dog or people aggression 
  • Puppy and new dog consultations (we can help you get your new pup started off on the right paw!)


Private lessons: $175/for the initial consultation and lesson (typically lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours)

Follow up lessons: $110/hour

Have a friend, family member, or neighbor that is looking to work with their dog on the same things you are? Ask about Semi-Private Lessons! All the fun and flexibility of one-on-one lessons, with the cost of the hour(s) shared amongst your group. Group size may be limited, depending on the training goals of the group participants. We can teach a whole 6 week, neighborhood obedience class right in your very own cul-de-sac! 

All Private and Semi-Private Lessons can be scheduled to take place in your home, at our facility, or at other locations. 

Call us to find out more and set up your private lesson! 952-224-4491


Group classes run for 6 weeks, and are approximately 1 hour long. For your first day of class please bring:

  • Payment 
  • A non-retractable 4-6 foot leash (no flexi leashes please)
  • Training treats (we recommend the small, soft, and smelly variety)
  • A copy of your dog’s up-to-date vaccinations including rabies and distemper

Group training classes take place at Wag ‘n Woofs, and participating in group classes requires:

  • Your dog does not disrupt class with constant barking or vocalizations (unless this is the focus of the class!)
  • Your dog be on leash and under your control at all times
  • Your dog be up-to-date on rabies and distemper prior to the start of class
  • One dog per handler (however one dog may have multiple handlers, we welcome everyone to attend class that is involved with training your dog)

If any of these criteria cannot be met, please call Wag ‘n Woofs directly to discuss our other options including our private lessons before entering a group class.

Please call Wag ‘n Woofs to enroll at 952-224-4491 or if you have any questions. If you would like to be notified when a class is added to the schedule, call or email us to be put on the wait list!




PUPPY Socialization Class

For puppies between the age of 8-18 weeks at the start of class.

Take full advantage of your puppy’s prime socialization window! In this 45 minute class, your puppy will have the opportunity to play with other puppies, experience new sounds, interact with new people, walk on new surfaces, and be introduced to the basics of sit, down, come, and settling on a mat. Additional topics such as crate/confinement training, potty training, socialization outside of class, and helping puppy be comfortable with grooming and veterinary care will also be discussed.

This is an Open Enrollment Class, meaning you and your puppy start class as soon as space opens! Class passes are purchased in 4 week incriments. 

Class size is limited to 7 puppies, a 4 week pass costs 75.00.

Mondays @ 4:45pm with trainer Jen *Spaces available for start date as early as Aug 13*

Mondays @ 5:45pm with trainer Jen *Spaces available for start date as early as Sept 17*

TEENAGER Basic Obedience 


For dogs between the age of 4.5-9 months.

Adolescence is a time when our puppies begin to gain more confidence and seem to forget everything they’ve learned already! In Teenage class, you and your puppy will have the opportunity to continue their socialization and training. Obedience behaviors, such as sit, down, stay, come, and leash manners will be covered, as well as introducing concepts such as impulse control and relaxing on a mat. Your teenager will be able to continue exploring new and novel situations, learn to respond to you with distractions present, and practice appropriate greetings with people and other dogs while on leash.

Class runs for 6 weeks, is one hour in length, is limited to 7 dogs, and costs 110.00

~~ FULL ~~ Mondays, Starting August 13th @ 6:45p with trainer Jen *Class meets on August 13, 20, 27 September 10, 17, 24* 

Mondays, Starting August 13th @ 8:00p with trainer Jen *Class meets on August 13, 20, 27 September 10, 17, 24* ~ 2 Spaces Remaining~

Therapy Dog Prep

For dog and handler teams preparing for therapy dog work, this class will help you get ready to take your certification test with the organization of your choice (note- class does NOT include testing, but we will help you hook up with one of the local testing groups!). We'll cover everything from obedience skills to handler specific topics that will help keep your visits fun and low stress for you, your dog, and the people  you are visiting. It's recommended that you and your dog have already earned the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award (we have a class for that too!), but it is not a requirement to attend Therapy Dog Class. Your dog will, however, need to have good loose leash manners and a decent understanding of the 'stay' behavior. This class will include some off-site adventures to give you and your dog the opportunity to work in a variety of places. As a result, class start times may fluctuate by 30min from week to week to allow instructor time to reach the adventure location. Don't think your dog is ready for testing quite yet? Perfect! This class can be repeated as much as needed and will provide you with the tools and experiences needed to test in the future. 

Class runs for 6 weeks, is one hour in length, is limited to 6 dogs, and costs 150.00

Saturdays, Starting September 8th @ 2:15p with trainer Jen *Class meets on Sept 8, 15, 29 Oct 6, 13, 27* ~5 Spaces Remaining~

BEGINNER obedience 

Does your dog need to learn some of the basics? Has it been a while since you’ve taken an obedience class? Beginner Class may be the right option for you! Dogs from 8 weeks to 12+ years old are all welcome in class and will learn important behaviors every dog needs like sit, down, leave it, come, and stay, along with useful skills such as impulse control and being comfortable with grooming and veterinary procedures. Gradually start working with distractions to proof behaviors, so your dog can respond to you under a variety of circumstances. This fun course is designed to equip you and your dog with skills you’ll use every day! 

Class runs for 6 weeks, is one hour in lenght, is limited to 7 dogs, and costs 110.00.

Wednesdays, Starting September 5th @ 4:45p-5:45p with trainer Jen *Class meets Sept 5, 12, 19, 26 Oct 3, 10* ~6 Spaces Remaining~

Wednesdays, Starting September 5th @ 6:00p-7:00p with trainer Jen *Class meets Sept 5, 12, 19, 26 Oct 3, 10* ~5 Spaces Remaining~



Are you ready to challenge yourself and your dog with more difficult behaviors and proofing commands? Intermediate Class is what you need!

(REQUIREMENTS: Dogs must have passed a Beginner level class at Wag ‘n Woofs or have instructor approval)

  • Classes being scheduled soon, call or email to be put on the wait list


Are you ready to work with your dog off leash? Is your dog an obedience pro? Try out Advanced Class at Wag ‘n Woofs. Perfect behaviors, work in challenging and distracting environments, and learn advanced new behaviors.

  • Classes being scheduled soon, call or email to be added to the wait list

CANINE GOOD CITIZEN Practice and test

Is your dog ready to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test? https://www.akc.org/products-services/training-programs/canine-good-citizen/

Come for a prep session the week before testing, and feel prepared for the big day! Be able to tell landlords, friends, and family that your dog is a Canine Good Citizen. Don't think your dog is ready for testing? That's ok! We welcome all dogs and handlers that have completed basic obedience classes and are working towards their CGC title. Join us for the practice and experience! 

Class meets for 1 week of prep and 1 week of testing, is limited to 7 dogs, and costs 50.00. 

Starting Wednesday, August 22nd at 7:15p-8:30p with trainer Jen *Class meets Aug 22nd for prep and Aug 29th for testing* ~5 Spaces Remaining~

Starting Saturday, November 3rd at 2:15p-3:30p with trainer Jen *Class meets Nov 3rd for prep and Nov 10th for testing* ~7 Spaces Remaining~




Want to spend some extra time helping your dog relax, focus and listen? Try out our Focused Attention class. This course is designed to help your dog develop the ability to listen to you no matter what is going on, and look to you for guidance. A fun and different class that utilizes a combination of games and teaching your dog new behaviors centered around good listening. This is also a great option for dogs that are nervous in new situations or need to build some confidence. 

Class runs for 6 weeks, last 1 hour in length, is limited to 6 dogs, and costs 110.00

Starting Tuesday, August 28th @ 5:00p with trainer Allyson *Class meets Aug 28 Sept 4, 11, 18, 25 Oct 9* ~4 Spaces Remaining~



Fog dogs 6+ months old.

Do you have a dog that has a meltdown when they see another dog or person? Freak on a Leash class is designed to prevent and modify “freak out” behaviors like barking/lunging/growling at other animals or people. Class topics include impulse control, leash handling skills, basic behavior modification techniques, mat work, and much more. This class is also appropriate for dogs that may be shy and fearful, or dogs that have a hard time working in larger group class settings. 

Class runs for 6 weeks, is limited to 4 dogs, and costs 175.00. Please bring your dog on a Gentle Leader head collar or a front-clip style harness. 

~~FULL~~ Wednesdays, Starting September 5th @ 7:15p-8:15p with trainer Jen *Class meets Sept 5, 12, 19, 26 Oct 3, 10* 

Wednesdays, Starting September 5th @ 8:30p-9:30p with trainer Jen *Class meets Sept 5, 12, 19, 26 Oct 3, 10* ~3 Spaces Remaining~

Saturdays, Starting September 29th @ 10:30a-11:30a with trainer Jen *Class meets Sept 29 Oct 6, 13, 27 Nov 3, 10* ~3 Spaces Remaining~

Saturdays, Starting September 29th@ 11:45a-12:45p with trainer Jen *Class meets Sept 29 Oct 6, 13, 27 Nov 3, 10* ~4 Spaces Remaining~