A Day At Wag ‘N Woofs

WE’VE MOVED! Wag ‘n Woofs’ new home is located at 7071 Shady Oak Road, Eden Prairie (55344). 

Daily Activities!


6:30 am to 8:00 am– Most of our guests arrive during these hours. Your dog will greet their pals both furry and human.

8:00 am to Noon – Morning playtime has LOTS of action! Your dog will enjoy time on our indoor and outdoor play floors with pools, bubbles, play equipment, or snow balls and their favorite pals. Whether they enjoy a good game of chase, wrestling with their best buddy or playing with their favorite Playgroup Leader, your dog will always have something to do!

Noon to 1:30 pm– Relaxation Break/Lunch Time. Your furry child will take a much needed rest after a busy morning of play. If you provided lunch or a snack for your dog, they will be given their meal in the beginning of their break in their own kennel. If they didn’t bring a snack, dogs will enjoy group quiet time on the play floor with their Playgroup Leader.


1:30 pm to 5:00 pm – It’s time to play again! After a snooze dogs enjoy another round of fun with their pals. These hours are often a bit less active, so your dog may enjoy some quality snuggles from their Playgroup Leader, a good brushing, toy time, and training practice!

5:00pm to 7:0pm – Time to say goodbye! Pooches go home tired, happy, and ready for dinner. Playgroup Leaders supervise the last hours of play, and get extra moments to snuggle, play and bond with your pooch. Overnight guests will head back to their kennel for dinner.