WE’VE MOVED! Wag ‘n Woofs’ new home is located at 7071 Shady Oak Road, Eden Prairie (55344). 

Take a look at what a day at Wag ‘n Woofs daycare is all about! Wag ‘n Woofs provides an opportunity for busy or working moms and dads to tire out their pup in a clean, safe and social environment. Do you have a dog that never gets tired? Dog Daycare may be the option for you. Allow your dog to run, sniff, and play all day at Wag ‘n Woofs!

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During the day, your dog will enjoy the company of their new pals both furry and human. Our three indoor and outdoor play floors are separated by size and play style. Which group your dog plays with can often change with age, home activity level, or even their mood that day. Playgroup Leaders are trained to place your dog with the group that best suits their needs. Play floors are always under the supervision of a Playgroup Leader monitoring for appropriate play.

At Wag ‘n Woofs we expect the same manners that you do at home. Through positive reinforcement, Playgroup Leaders work on no jumping, sitting for attention, waiting at doors and more!

Your dog will do best attending daycare on a regular basis, and attending daycare on the same days each week if possible. This way, they can learn the rules of daycare and bond with their Playgroup Leader. We are able develop in depth knowledge of your dog’s personality and normal behavior. We will know immediately if your dog is acting different or is ill. Your pooch will also make new best friends, and enjoy seeing them every week!

Daycare is a stimulating environment that isn’t right for every dog. During your dog’s evaluation day we will determine if Wag ‘n Woofs is the right fit. If it doesn’t work out with us, it in no way means your dog isn’t friendly or well behaved. Daycare dogs need to be comfortable sharing space and attention as well as interacting with around 20 other dogs on their play floor.



Half Day (6 hours or less)
$15.85 + tax

Single Day
$27.03 + tax

5 Day Package
$125.85 + tax (save $2/day)

10 Day Package
$242.37 + tax (save $3/day)

20 Day Package
$447.45 + tax (save $5/day)

30 Day Package                                                                                                                         $559.31 + tax (save $9/day)

*packages are non-refundable


Half Day (6 hours or less)
$27.97 + tax

Single Day
$48.47 + tax

5 Day Package
$223.72 + tax (save $4/day)

10 Day Package
$428.80 + tax (save $6/day)

20 Day Package
$783.03 + tax (save $10/day)

30 Day Package                                                                                                                         $1006.76 + tax (save $16/day)

*packages are non-refundable


First Day


Please call ahead to schedule your first day of daycare. We perform evaluation days Monday through Friday. For your first day at Wag ‘n Woofs, we ask that you bring your dog by 8:00AM (we open at 6:30am). This gives your dog the opportunity to sniff and explore their new surroundings before many of their new pals arrive. If you do not arrive by 8:00am, Wag ‘n Woofs may ask you to come back a different day. Playgroup Leaders also use this time to form a bond with your pooch before they are part of the action. Your dog will then slowly be introduced to the pack, based on their comfort level. At the end of the day you will find out how your pup did, but feel free to call at anytime or check in our our webcams!

For your first visit, please bring:

  • A copy of your up-to-date vaccinations (or have your veterinarian fax records to 952-224-4493). Your dog should be up-to-date on Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella as well as a clear fecal. If your dog is over 6 months of age, they must be spayed or neutered
  • Your enrollment form, which is available under the FORMS tab (or plan to take 15 minutes to fill it out here)
  • Your dog should wear a collar with their name tag
  • Your dog should be on a leash for their safety, (please leave retractable/flexi leashes at home)

Please call us at (952) 224-4491 with any questions about our first day guidelines. We would love the opportunity to play with your dog!